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Digital Behavioral Health for Headaches & Migraines


Teaches behavioral therapy principles and headache prevention techniques


Provides clinically validated relaxation exercises


Captures relevant metrics to create valuable insights


Motivates and engages through outcomes and feedback


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Life Changing Benefits

Feel better fast, and keep it that way.

Fewer Headache Impact Days

Within 4 weeks you will see a noticeable difference in the number of headaches you experience.  The skills you learn with the Halo program are skills for life.  With regular practice and maintenance, the benefits will stay with you for years.

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Improved Quality of Life

Fewer headaches means more time you can focus on the things you love.  Don't miss out on seeing friends, playing with your kids, reading your favorite book or being great at work. Halo can help get you back to what you love most.

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Halo Program for Employers

We do the work.  

You'll get a hands-on team focused on a seamless and turnkey implementation.

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Offer a benefit with actual benefits.

Happier & healthier employees

Immediate outcomes & ROI

Increased productivity

Fewer work days missed

Did you know?

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employees suffer from headaches, migraines or orofacial pain

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cause of absenteeism is headaches

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is lost annually due to absenteeism, lost productivity, and medical costs

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